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I guess I'm just a girl who got a bit twisted along the way. I placed my trust in the wrong people and got a bit jaded and snarky in the process. The only way I knew how to properly express what I was feeling...was to just write. 

So I did.

I've written my way through life-- blogs, podcast episodes...poetry. In journals, on loose paper, on napkins or even my own skin, as long as I am basking in the written word...I feel at home.

It's made me awkward in relationships, indulged my true introvert, and along the way, entertained the masses. (I mean it did get me to Playboy Radio once; you know?)

So here in my 40s, I have to accept that I'll never change.

I'm a writer. I have been a writer. 

I am a writer.

So I hope that you, as a new reader or a returning one, can also appreciate my quirks, my complexity, my random passions, and my desire to chronicle them all here in my virtual memoir.

A little more about me...top level stuff now.

I'm a 40-something, newbie grandma, who loves not only writing, but knocking down walls, playing in the dirt, studying people, experiencing new things, learning through mind fuckery, and playing dress up. I'm a new yogi, into CrossFit, and proud of my curves but working to tighten them. I spend my days working for an advertising agency, so it's full of fun and mayhem. I spend my nights trying to hold my life together and fit in everything you are supposed to, to be a well-rounded person. 

I mean the ultimate goal is happiness...right?